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Solcera supports its customers in their design, development and manufacture of advanced ceramics and hermetic glass-to-metal seals and ceramic-to-metal assemblies for applications in aircraft, aerospace, defense, optics, energy, research, agriculture, luxury, industry and the environment.

Our company headquarters in EVREUX (situated in Normandy, 100 km north-west of Paris), bring together a platform of multiple advanced ceramic materials, oxides and non-oxides, their associated technologies and industrial equipment, as well as our R&D center. We can find these ceramic parts manufactured by Solcera in planes, ballistic protection and defense equipment, nuclear power plants, labware, in systems of integrated circuit manufacture or agricultural machinery.

Our team of technical experts in the field of glass-to-metal seals, ceramic-to-metal assemblies, flash lamps and precision grinding of ceramics at our facility in MOISSY-CRAMAYEL (only 30 minutes south-east of Paris), formerly known as VERMETAL, has developed a unique expertise in the production of highly engineered assemblies. These hermetic ceramic-to-metal seals have been designed for the most extreme applications that exceed the limits of conventional materials and solutions: Electrical insulation, high temperature, high pressure, high voltage, high-vacuum HV and ultra-high vacuum UHV reliability, cryogenics or corrosive environments.

SOLCERA DO BRASIL is the leading manufacturer of advanced ceramics in Brazil with a wide range of oxide ceramics for demanding applications: anti-abrasion solutions, spraying and misting accessories and electro-ceramic solutions. The segments served are mainly the industrial and agricultural markets. Their technical ceramics can be found in highly wear resistant coatings for very aggressive applications in the mining industry, grain silos or asphalt, including single ceramics or assembled panels. SOLCERA DO BRASIL also manufactures igniters for automatic ignition systems of domestic gas stoves and provides a complete solution that includes the high-voltage insulating ceramic body and connectors. KGF® founded in 2005, manufacturer of spray and misting nozzles, is now also part of the Solcera group.

VITRON Spezialwerkstoffe GmbH, based in Jena, is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of materials and components for infrared optics, including zinc sulfide and chalcogenide glasses. The company is also known for its machinable glass-ceramic Vitronit®, which is used in areas such as engineering and medical technology. With this acquisition, the SOLCERA Group is strengthening its expertise and capacities in the field of infrared materials.


Solcera Evreux en France SIÈGE EVREUX

Solcera Evreux


  • Materials platform and ceramic technology
  • R & D Center
  • Production area : 9 000 m²

Solcera en France MOISSY-CRAMAYEL

Solcera Moissy-Cramayel


  • Ceramic-to-Metal and Glass-to-Metal Seals, Flash lamps, precision grinding of ceramics
  • 83 Rue Marcelin Berthelot
    +33 (0)1 64 13 61 10
  • Production area : 2 000 m²

Solcera Brazil VINHEDO



  • Rua Antonio Matheus Sobrinho,
    N 150 - Vinhedo - SP
    CEP : 13284-406
    +55 (19) 3399 7500
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Spray Nozzles and accessories
  • Production area : 10 000 m²

Solcera Spain BARCELONE

Solcera Espagne


  • C/ Cobalto 86-96, nave 6 08907
    L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • 00 + 34 93 261 52 62




  • Am Naßtal 5, 07751 Jena-Maua
  • +49 (0) 36 41 288 130
  • IR materials such ans CVD Zinc Sulfide and Chalcogenide glasses
  • VITRONIT Machinalble Glass Ceramic
  • Special Glass Melts
  • Certified facility ISO 9001
  • Production area : 1 000 m²

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  • ZI N°1 - Rue de l'industrie
  • 27000 EVREUX
  • +33 (0)2 32 29 42 00
  • 83 Rue Marcelin Berthelot
  • +33 (0)1 64 13 61 10
  • Contact

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