Advanced ceramics and assembly solutions are used in a wide range of applications for both fossil and renewable energy production and storage. These applications require mechanical resistance to abrasion and wear, electrical insulation, chemical inertness as well as resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures and thermal shock. Solcera guarantees long-lasting products and services for the specific needs of the energy market.

Reliable ceramic components for nuclear safety

The supply of high-quality ceramic components is essential to meet the stringent safety and security requirements of nuclear facilities, even in the event of a severe accident.

SOLCERA is committed to nuclear safety, with highly trained (CFSI, NDT, ...) and skilled teams, and has been delivering major components integrated into reactors to key players in the nuclear industry for several decades.

With these objectives of durability and quality in mind, Solcera performs certified non-destructive testing, such as penetrant testing, leak testing COFREND qualified for SN1C1A level II


  • Solar driven air-conditioning systems
  • Nuclear reactor core components : Shielding materials, neutron moderators / absorbers, control rods
  • Components for SMRs (Small Modular Reactors)
  • Seals for primary pumps
  • Monitoring systems : Hermetic feedthroughs, windows, viewports, control rods, thermocouples
  • Civil and military nuclear R&D
  • Long-term storage of nuclear waste
  • Flash lamps for high power laser amplificators


(Le Laser Megajoule LMJ @CEA)

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